Other Services

Technical translations

Years of experience and a network of cooperating translators allow us to provide high quality translations to and from English, German, French, Czech and Slovak languages in all combinations and basically in any field of science and technology. Moreover, our translations of patent disclosures are always subject to internal revision of technical and legal terms.


We provide complete services connected with validation of the European patents in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Enforcement of rights

Our close cooperation with patent attorneys and attorneys at law in various countries enables us to offer you a team of professionals – a team that helps you to win.

Industrial property rights protection and economies thereof

Our goal is not to register industrial rights at any costs, but to build a reasonable protection of your rights which will meet your actual needs. We can also help you to acquire public funding in the expensive foreign industrial property rights protection.

Maintenance of rights

We monitor legal deadlines and ensure that all your industrial property rights are maintained in force.

Intellectual property audits

When visiting your company, we will help you set up the rules and processes for the most effective protection of your intellectual property.

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